There are a number of high speed Internet providers in Rancho Santa Fe. Unfortunately, no one provider serves all residents. You will need to investigate each of these providers to see if they provide service to your house.

The RSF Association is currently building a community wide Gigabit fiber optic network. See the RSF Connect tab for current information.

Click on a banner below to read information about each provider.

RSF Connect

As of July 1, 2019, RSF Connect is live, and is expected to offer gigabit Internet service to households by the end of July. The rollout will continue until approx. mid 2020 at which point, all people who initially expressed an interest to get service will be connected.

The best place for the latest information is the RSF Post. Click here for all RSF Connect related articles.

Click here to download a detailed project information letter.

Race Communications has been selected as the Internet Service Provider to offer gigabit fiber over this network to residents. Race Communications will be contacting all Association members soon to see if they want to sign up ahead of construction. Click here to go to Race's very informative RSF Connect status page.

If you are doing construction on your house and can install a new conduit to the street for the fiber, you can download the specs for the fiber conduit.

When built, the network will provide Internet bandwidth up to a dedicated 1 Gbps per household (that's 1,000 Mbps), with the ability to migrate to even faster speeds in the future.

The network will be a passive all fiber optics network to the home (FTTH). The network architecture chosen is the most reliable, most future proof, and delivers the highest service level possible to ensure that no major changes will be needed for the next 50 years.Click here to read about the technology behind this network.

FAQs and other latest information from the Association. And Click here to view the RSF Post, where I write periodic articles giving readers an update on the fiber network progress.


AT&T is the local phone company that provides wired telephone service to all residents of Rancho Santa Fe. Most RSF residents can also get varying levels of Internet connectivity from AT&T.

Depending on where your house is located, you could get no Internet connectivity, 1-3 Mbps download (via copper DSL), or up to 25 Mbps download speeds (if they have installed fiber to the curb in your area). In addition, rumor has it that they will build a "fiber link" to your property if you opt for a business class service ($600-$900/month) and a three year commitment. Contact Scott Floquet

Click here to visit the AT&T availability web site to determine what is offered at your house.

Spectrum (was Time Warner Cable)

Spectrum serves some portions of Camino Del Norte, the northern part of Via De Fortuna, some of Los Morros and some other areas. You can check availability by clicking here. Note that this online tool might not be completely accurate.

Cox Cable

Cox Cable serves some portions of RSF. Check with their web site/call center to determine if you are in their service area.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon has a 4G fixed wireless system called HomeFusion. You get access via an antenna mounted outside your house. Verizon connects this antenna to a router which can then connect to many devices inside your house. Speeds are from 5 Mbps to 12 Mbps. Click here to get more information and to check availability at your house.

Even if HomeFusion is not available at your house, it is possible that you can still get reasonable 4G LTE coverage for your mobile devices that have built in 4G or LTE radios, such as cell phones, tablets, and modem equipped laptops.

Verizon has recently (2016/2017) made available a no-overage rate plan whereby if you exceed your data cap (typically anywhere from 5 GB to 30 GB per month), you won't incur expensive overage charges, instead your data rate will be reduced (to the point where watching videos is painful). At least this makes a Verizon 4G plan possible without potential large monthly bills.

AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless does not (yet?) have a fixed wireless solution, but does have 4G LTE available at various locations in RSF. If you have a strong enough 4G signal, you use mobile devices that have built in 4G or LTE radios, such as cell phones, tablets, and modem equipped laptops.


SkyRiver provides high speed business class Internet access via a flat panel or dish antenna that can see line of site to one of two mountains in the region (Black Mountain and Lake San Marcos). Business class means you have the same upload as download speed and there are no monthly data caps.

This is an expensive service, and your property must have a relatively high view.

San Diego Broadband

San Diego Broadband provides high speed consumer and business class Internet access via a dish antenna that can see line of site to one of two mountains in the region (Black Mountain and Lake San Marcos) OR to a nearby customers that can then get high speed access. Their consumer prices are competitive with other consumer offerings and they have "no data cap" business plans.

Orion Broadband

Orion Broadband offers up to 100 Mb/s internet service. Contact them to see if you are in their service area. You can see a list of houses their network passes by on this page.

ViaSat Exede

ViaSat Exede is a Carlsbad based company that purchased "Wildblue" satellite broadband and launched a new broadband satellite to improve coverage over North America. ViaSat also rebranded "Wildblue" as Exede.

Exede requires an external satellite dish, which connects to an Exede supplied router.

Note that latency (since it is a geosynchronous satellite) is high in the 700 to 800ms range, or about 10-50 times longer than cable or DSL. High latency means that surfing from one site to the next will be slightly slower and internet gaming will not work at all.

Direct TV also offers broadband service through a partnership with ViaSat.