Information for Residents of
      Rancho Santa Fe
Information for Residents of
Rancho Santa Fe

As you may know, Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding area residents do not have home delivery of mail, nor do they have street corner post boxes that a lot of newer neighborhoods have. Instead, each resident must acquire their own post office box.

However, for some time now, the post office in the RSF Village has had no PO boxes available to rent (although do try there if you are new to the area). So, what are the other options?

First, dispel the notion of getting the Post Office to deliver mail to your physical home or even a corner mailbox like newer neighborhoods have. Neither is going to happen in this area for a variety of reasons (but see below for a solution). And you need a post office deliverable mailing address for a variety of legal reasons.

However, there are three other local options for PO Box rentals.

Del Rayo Village

The Post Office has another facility in the Del Rayo Village mall, near Fairbanks, which does have available PO Boxes for $232/year. It is also located in the 92067 zip code, so the only difference between a PO box there and one in the RSF Village is that RSF Village PO Boxes are numbered below 3000, while De Rayo boxes are numbered above 3000. The other difference, of course, is that Del Rayo Village is typically further away from most Rancho residents.

The Parcel Place

There are also two nearby private mailbox rental locations. A stone's throw from the RSF Village Post Office is The Parcel Place which rents private PO Boxes. They charge $216/year and also offer a 92067 zip code for their PO Boxes (which matters for parcel delivery, see below).

The Postal Corner

And then in nearby Encinitas, at the base of Encinitas Blvd at Rancho Santa Fe road, The Postal Corner also rents out PO Boxes for $360/month.

Mail Delivery

Click the Mail Delivery menu item to read about a local service that will pick up your mail from any of the above places and deliver it to your door.