Information for Residents of
      Rancho Santa Fe
Information for Residents of
Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe does not have home or even curbside mail delivery. Instead we all have centralized PO Boxes in the village post office or elsewhere. However, there is a company that will pick up your mail and deliver it to your house daily Monday through Friday.

RSF Mail Delivery delivers your mail to you every week day. They also pick up outgoing USPS mail, and both UPS and Fedex outgoing packages. This is a very useful service which I've been using for many years. They are highly reliable and convenient.

Navigating Courier and Mail Parcel Delivery

Nothing is easy in this world, and something as simple as parcel delivery from UPS or Fedex or, now, Amazon, sounds like it would be simple, but it isn't. You'd think that when you ordered something online, you could just put your physical street address as the delivery address since the couriers can all deliver there. But every once in a while, the package you just ordered doesn't get sent via a courier, but instead by mail. Indeed, many online vendors will deliver via mail or courier depending on their own internal algorithm, and as a customer, you just don't know how it will get sent.

So, what you MUST do is put both your postal mailing address and your physical address as the shipping address when you order online. And just to make it extra hard, some online vendors freak out if you put PO Box as even a second line address, so my shipping address is something like this:

Phil Trubey
2836 Via de Lupine
Bx 4978
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

(The two addresses are fictitious). Both couriers and the Post Office will just ignore the part of the address that doesn't concern them, and the Bx is both understandable by the Post Office and gets around some online vendor issues with PO Boxes. If you have a PO Box from one of the private PO Box vendors, ask them about addressing.